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A Charge of Forgery Supported by Forgery: The Smearing of a Genuine Auschwitz Photo

Unsurprisingly, the process of industrial-scale genocide perpetrated in the Auschwitz death camp has been documented only by a few photographs taken on the spot. The exceptions include four photographs clandestinely taken by a few members of the Sonderkommando, the prisoners forced to dispose of the huge amount of corpses coming from the gas chambers. The photos were smuggled out of the camp in a tube of toothpaste, along with an accompanying letter. Out of the four photos, the best known is this one, showing the area of an open-air burning pit behind Crematorium V:


The photo shows the members of the Sonderkommando doing their job around the cremation pit. Smoke rises from the pit, and plenty of corpses to be cremated lie all around.

The photo has been known since 1945. Although its original negative is lost, a number of contact prints can be found in the Auschwitz Museum, along with a large print over 18 inches wide. There is also a version with lower contrast, where more details can be discerned.

Holocaust deniers question the genuinity of most Auschwitz photos. However, they used to have only a few objections regarding this photo, except trying to argue about the number of corpses, their seemingly unusual anatomical positions and the causes of their death. Recently, however, a new suggestion appeared in a few holocaust deniers' forums. Someone watched an episode of Ghost Adventures, a paranormal television series on Travel Channel, and noticed that a photo showing surprising similarity to the Auschwitz photo was presented as an illustration of a 1912 train accident that occured near Dresden, Ohio:


However, the photo presented in the programme shows much fewer corpses than the Auschwitz photo; or maybe they are not even corpses but some debris or train wreckage. Immediately, the charge was raised that the Auschwitz photo is in fact fake; it is a modified version of what is actually a photo of an 1912 Ohio train accident.

Let's examine this claim! In this episode of Ghost Adventures, titled Prospect Place, several photos are presented (around 9:00 minutes) to illustrate the train accident:

train1.jpg train2.jpg

We can use Google's image search which has the nice feature that we can upload an image and search by it. Thus, we can upload screenshots from the episode and find corresponding images on the net. In a few seconds, it turns out that the first image is actually a photo of a Texas train accident (Bowie, TX) while the second one is that of a California train accident. Besides, others have already noticed that the photos of burn victims shown in the episode are actually modified versions of photos of Hiroshima bomb victims.

It is obvious, then, that Ghost Adventures didn't present photos of the actual 1912 Ohio train accident. The crew probably used Google's image search to find old photos to illustrate the topic, and they modified them to fit their needs. We cannot really blame them for this; after all, this is not a historical documentary. It is a paranormal show for entertainment purposes. The train accident is not the main topic of the episode, and these photos are only shown for a few seconds.

However, it is still possible that the photo shown in Ghost Adventures is the original one (possibly indeed showing a train accident), and the Auschwitz photo was created by modifying it. This is somewhat doubtful, though, as there seems to be no reason why an inward-curving barbed-wire fence would be set up along railroad tracks. Besides, we haven't been able to find on the net a copy of the photo shown in Ghost Adventures with a date earlier than 2010 (this particular episode was first aired in January 2010).

But let's examine the two photos more closely! There are a lot more corpses in the Auschwitz photo. Was the original photo the one shown in Ghost Adventures, and more corpses were added later to obtain the Auschwitz photo? Or the Auschwitz photo is the original, and most of the corpses were removed to create the version seen in Ghost Adventures?

Carefully examining the patterns of the ground in the lower part of the photos, it can be seen that some patterns are exactly repeated in the Ghost Adventures photo. These same patterns can also be found in the Auschwitz photo, but they are not repeated:


The upper image is the one shown in Ghost Adventures, and the lower one is the Auschwitz photo. Rectangles with the same color enclose identical portions of the images.

There is thus no doubt that the Auschwitz photo is the original one. The other photo was created by digitally removing most of the corpses by copying and repeating portions of the ground. Most likely, this editing job was done by the Ghost Adventures crew. They probably didn't do it for fraud. It was very unfortunate, however, that they couldn't find anything else but an iconic Auschwitz photo to illustrate a train accident, and they even adjusted it to fit their needs. And of course, it is no surprise that the extreme confirmation bias of holocaust deniers led them to jump to conclusions, immediately proclaiming that it must be the Auschwitz photo that is fake.

The location where the photo was taken can be easily identified, and its genuinity is supported by its match to the present view of the place. What's more, a British aerial photograph taken in August 1944 shows dense smoke rising from exactly the place where the photo was taken.


  1. Holocaust MYTH
    I do understand that author of this article is doing his best to defend the official version but it doesn't work to well.
    I don't know if the picture used for Auschwitz fake is a picture of the train crash at Dresden OH as claimed by authors of TV program.
    I do know however that the "burning pits' picture is a crude fake debunked long time ago .
    Even this statment:"What's more, a British aerial photograph taken in August 1944 shows dense smoke rising from exactly the place where the photo was taken." is false.
    We know today from the person who participate on "correcting" the REAL aerial photos from the era that smoke was added to this "British aerial photograph" .

    Jerzy Ulicki-Rek

    1. In reality, the feeble attempts to "debunk" the photo have failed.

      "We know today from the person who participate on "correcting" the REAL aerial photos from the era that smoke was added to this "British aerial photograph" ."

      Any proof for that? The original photo is in the UK National Collection of Aerial Photography:

      And the smoke is there.

    2. Andreas

      That's not the original photo,sorry:)
      5.1 Alterations on Air Photos of Auschwitz-Birkenau

      Contrary to the photos of the camps in eastern Poland, the photos of Auschwitz (Illustrations 8 and following) were taken by the Americans. It took the Allied landing in Italy in autumn of 1943 before the Americans were able to bomb the industrial area of Upper Silesia; Allied reconnaissance flights over this area therefore did not begin until the winter of 1943/44. However, the corresponding air photos were not submitted to the National Archives by the CIA, and thus made accessible to the public, until the late 1970s. It was also the CIA which published the first photos of Auschwitz-Birkenau in 1979.(16)

      The Americans took many series of photographs of the Upper Silesian industrial area, and some of them are of excellent quality. Unfortunately, the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp group is shown on only about half a dozen photos, all of which are of mediocre or poor quality. One qualitatively excellent sequence of photos from June 26, 1944 breaks off just before Auschwitz. While it is possible that the cameras were turned off immediately after the plane flew over the main point of interest, namely the synthetic rubber plant in Monowitz, it seems more probable that these photos of excellent quality and resolution were in fact removed before the public could view them. We shall see the grounds for this supposition in the following.

      These links offer much enlarged versions of parts of Illust.8:
      Illustration 8A: Birkenau, Aug 25, 1944, south side, CIA labeled (512K)

      Illustration 8B, blowup of section of Illus.8A

    3. ............
      May 28, 2012
      Aerial photos of Auschwitz were altered by the CIA to manufacture evidence
      Filed under: Holocaust, World War II — Tags: Auschwitz-Birkenau, CIA, John Ball aerial photos — furtherglory @ 1:45 pm
      This morning I spent a lot of time reading about the air photos of Auschwitz-Birkenau taken from American reconnaissance planes in 1944 and 1945. I downloaded the photos from the website of Germar Rudolf here. In case you don’t know who Germar Rudolf is, he was the first highly qualified Holocaust revisionist, by virtue of his education and intelligence. His books are highly scientific and technical — no hatred or anti-Semitism involved — just the facts. You can get to know Germar Rudolf on his website here.
      The pdf files about the air photos which you can download from Germar Rudolf’s website include photos taken from the Auschwitz Album. These are photos taken by the Germans during the time that the Hungarian Jews were arriving at Birkenau. These photos are used by Holocaustians to prove that Jews were gassed, but actually, they prove the opposite.
      You can also read about the air photos on this website. This quote is from the website:
      … the photos of Auschwitz (Illustrations 8 and following) were taken by the Americans. It took the Allied landing in Italy in autumn of 1943 before the Americans were able to bomb the industrial area of Upper Silesia; Allied reconnaissance flights over this area therefore did not begin until the winter of 1943/44. However, the corresponding air photos were not submitted to the National Archives by the CIA, and thus made accessible to the public, until the late 1970s. It was also the CIA which published the first photos of Auschwitz-Birkenau in 1979.(16)
      The pdf files that you can download from Germar Rudolf’s website explain where and how the photos were altered by the CIA.
      The area where the two main crematoria were located has been changed by the building of the International Monument between Krema II and Krema III. Tourists can no longer see that the main camp road went on into the countryside where there were farms very near the camp. The International Monument has been built over the intersection of the main road and the road to the Sauna where the Jews took a shower before entering the camp as prisoners.
      The aerial photos show that the soccer field was very near one crematorium and that there were 12 kitchens near the crematoria. The photos show that there was no secrecy surrounding the crematoria; the prisoners could see everything that was going on. The CIA altered the aerial photos to show high fences around some of the buildings. The alternations done by the CIA show little chimneys where the Zyklon-B gas could have been poured in, but photos taken by the Germans do not show these openings.
      The bottom line is that there is no air photo evidence to support the claim of mass murder at Auschwitz-Birkenau. You can read it here.


      Author: John C. Ball
      Keywords: Air Photo Evidence; holocaust; holohoax; hollyco$t; Germar Rudolf; Auschwitz; Treblinka; Majdanek; Sobibor; Bergen Belsen; Belzec; Babi Yar; Katyn Forest
      Collection: opensource
      The Entire Ball Report "Air Photo Evidence" Now Online!

      Germar Rudolf has posted this extra-large PDF file on his website under the heading Air Photo Evidence.

      What an impact looking at this complete, over 100-page report makes! What is impressing me the most, out of a total overwhelming impression, is John Ball's presentation, starting on page 37, of the United States CIA Report written in 1979, titled "The Holocaust Revisited." Ball presents evidence that certain dark spots on the photos, intended to show that gas chamber operations were taking place, were not on the original exposures. CIA workers used magnifying and stereo-viewing equipment to study the photos, then added marks with pens to indicate holes in roofs, people in lines, and fences around buildings.



    4. These photo comparisons make it clear to me that the American government and it's Central Intelligence Agency participated in a hoax highly injurious to millions of Europeans (mainly Germans) and just as highly helpful to more millions of others, especially Jews, Poles, Russians, leftists and communists after the war was over. It must occur to everyone who studies these photos that the Holocaust has been built up over time to back a political agenda by the Allied powers to dominate their political adversaries. However, it has now taken on a life of it's own, like a Frankenstein, under mainly Jewish leadership.

      Almost everything in the complete Ball Report has already been known and shown, but as isolated items. This is the first time the entire report has been made available on the Internet in high resolution. So thanks to Germar Rudolf for posting it, and even more thanks to John Ball for the fantastic work he did in the interests of truth and scientific inquiry.

      Germar told me that he's getting so many hits and downloads that his bandwidth is "through the roof" and it's "getting expensive." So do recognize the value of this material for yourself and visit his donate page to help lessen the expenses.
      Creative Commons license: Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0

      Don't worry 'Andreas"
      better luck next time:)

      Jerzy Ulicki-Rek

    5. Jerzy, you are talking about a different photo. The photo I was referring to was taken by the British, not the Americans. Your sources do not mention and do not examine the British photo. Nobody ever has refuted the British photo.

    6. The second man on the left, you can see behind his feet a cartoon of a woman drawn in looking despaired. This is what you call original and authentic....

    7. I don't know what you are talking about.

    8. There is actually no evidence of any manipulation of aerial photos and Nutty Jerzy has failed to post any. Ball is a proven fraud.

      However note that Nutty Jerzy has also failed to post any evidence for his initial claim:

      "We know today from the person who participate on "correcting" the REAL aerial photos from the era that smoke was added to this "British aerial photograph" ."

  2. I am the photographer of the 'easily identified reconstruction photo' that is linked at the bottom of the article.

    I have researched the photo and the surrounding area in depth. Just like in Treblinka and other places, charred bone fragments still litter the area in amongst the sub soil proving that corpses were burned in the pits.

    The original negative does not exist anymore, it was lost in Krakow just before the war ended. However, you can still see the original negatives for the Ariel view from 1944. This clearly shows smoke.

    Michael Challoner

    1. Thanks, Michael. I didn't know the charred bones can still be found. This is very important information.

    2. "Thanks, Michael. I didn't know the charred bones can still be found. This is very important information."

      Every time people have a barbeque the number of charred bones grows.
      They can't be crashed because the "portable bone crashers" used by nazis are out of action.

      Jerzy Ulicki-Rek

    3. The bones are bits and pieces of cremains that have been tossed onto the grounds long after the fact by supposed descendants of these "survivors":

  3. Where are the photograph which document the industrial scale genocide?
    Why would one expect there to be no photographs if a Europe wide genocide of millions were true?
    Why did Raul Hilberg say there was no scientific evidence for Hitler's gas chambers?

    1. Taking photographs was not allowed in the death camps. The Nazis did not want their horrendous acts to be documented.
      However, there is overwhelming evidence from eyewitness accounts, as well as the many documents presented in Jean-Claude Pressac's book "Auschwitz: the technique and operation of gas chambers".

    2. However, there is overwhelming evidence from eyewitness accounts, as well as the many documents presented in Jean-Claude Pressac's book "Auschwitz: the technique and operation of gas chambers".

      Eyewitness like..Irene Zisblatt?Abraham Bomba,Regina Bialek?Zofia litiwnska?Ada Bimko?
      "I have been gassed 6 times" Moshe Peer?Rudolf Vrba?
      You got to be kidding:)

      Even Pressac changed his fable and number of victims few times:)
      Don't wast your time on me .
      I'm immune to jewish holo-propaganda:)

      Jerzy Ulicki-Rek

  4. Jerzy, you come across as a denier. Your last line seal your fate and reduces your credibility to ZERO. The testimony from perpetrators and victims are all to real. You make me sick. You have tesitmony from S.S. member who took part in the acts and got off free. You have victims and you have physical evidence beyond a doubt. The problem is, you just don't have a clue.

  5. Even if this picture is genuine and shows corpses being burned at Auschwitz, what does it prove? It can only prove that some corpses were burned, nothing more. That it is used by the holocaust industry to somehow prove their claims of millions murdered shows the paucity of their argument.

    1. So I guess 6 million Jews just went for a holiday and didn't return.

    2. Flimsy argument since 6 million jews were claimed to be killed in 3 separate events in the decades prior to world war 2.

      Ever heard of the boy that cried wolf?

    3. That's cherry picked. You will find just as many articles speaking about 3, 4, 5, 7, etc. million Jews from before WWII.



  6. LOL. Only ONE problem. You make a convincing case that the Auscwitcz photo (assuming that's where it was taken) predates the Ghost Adventures photo... but in no way do you prove that there were "gas chambers" there, or that this is anything but a picture of dead bodies (who might have died of starvation and/or a disease like typhus), that are being burned in a crematorium because dead bodies lying around is a serious health hazard. You've convinced me the "Auschwicz" photo was not a forgery of an earlier photo, but as evidence (let alone proof) that there were "gas chambers" there, this article is worthless. As a matter of fact, your coming to the conclusion you did indicates quite a bit of confirmation bias on your part, though you may not have realized it when you were writing this. Best wishes.

    1. Of course there were gas chambers, no need to prove something that is already proven beyond reasonable doubt. The purpose of the article is not to debunk all the holocaust denier bullshit and lies, just one tiny piece of bullshit. There are plenty of resources and documentation about the gas chambers, do your own research.

    2. If someone was to march twelve prisoners into Hitler's private residence, lock them in the bathroom and gas them to death, is that evidence of gas chambers in concentration camps?

  7. Mr Szilagyi, would it be possible to re-blog this article at ?

    1. Hello Sergey, sure, feel free to re-blog it.

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    3. Thanks, and done! (I have just noticed that you brought it to our attention back then. :)

    Foreword -- Daat Emet
    In this article R' Bar-Chayim discusses the attitude towards "Gentiles" in the Torah and in the Halacha and comes to an unambiguous conclusion:
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    "WHERE DID THE 3,000,000 JEWS GO?"
    I’m still waiting for someone to explain to me how Dwight Eisenhower, Winston Churchill and Charles de Gaulle could write tens of thousands of post war memoirs and never mention death camps and crematoriums. I’m waiting for someone to explain how taking over three million from the death count at Auschwitz does not affect the number of six million as the official tally. There are a lot of statistics I would love to have explained to me but no one seems able to. I’m especially interested in how the world population for a certain demographic actually went up during the war years. The census reports a trend that can’t possibly be true has to be. It’s the law.

    "6 million Jews" first saw the light the 11th June 1900 in New York Times. Up to 1945, the number "6 million Jews" has been repeated about 20-25 times. The "6 million Jews" has absolutely nothing to do with WWII. The word "Holocaust" appeared in American Hebrew 1919 by Martin H. Glynn, as well as "6 million Jews". The gas chamber claim is also from WWI.



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    I the LORD do all these things." – Isaiah 45.7.

    All cultures have anthropomorphized their gods into humanoid (if sometimes grotesque) form. Were the Jews the exception? Hardly. We know precisely what the Hebrew god looked like. We are, after all, fashioned in his own likeness! "Yahweh", in fact, is an abbreviation of the longer name, "Yahweh Sabaoth." It means, "He who musters armies." Thus Yahweh's name identifies the god primarily as the military leader of the tribe. No wonder the God bequeathed to the world by the Jews turned out to be a monster.


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    Thomas Paine, The Age of Reason

    Without a doubt, the human race has been bludgeoned with books about this one tome, the Jewish Bible. The Jewish Bible is full of violence and ugly stories, with a few "feel-good" platitudes and parables interspersed. It's hardly worth reading. Other than a handful of spiritual gems that can be found in virtually any religion, the Jewish Bible is irrelevant. A person with an innate sense of right and wrong needs none of its teachings, sparse as they are. Reading the Jewish Bible, in fact, can make one highly depraved. Many a serial rapist and killer has also been a Jewish Bible fanatic. They have taken seriously the punishments exacted throughout the Old Testament, such as stoning for "adulterous" women, "the Lord" punishing "his chosen" by making them eat each other, etc., ad nauseam.

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  11. Well, I guess another nail in the coffin of so called "Holocaust revisionists".

    As I said before, their propaganda belongs in the dustpins of history.